Terence Hacker™ is an experimental project in wich home-made electronic instruments are put in relation with hacked sound sources. After some collaborations with Grinberg’s members Boris & Dimitri Gronemberger on the Ishinabe project, i’m actually working on some material under the Terence Hacker moniker.

Since Y2K, i’ve concentrated my work on propriatory sound sources created using audio plug-ins and home-made electronic instruments. This allows me to work on the sound material itself, and avoids me to be dependant of instruments and sounds created by others. Usually i work with Logic Pro on an iMac 24″ with a Behringer FCA202 Audio Interface. I try more and more to use only Logic Pro as a way to generate sounds. This is just a challenge I impose to myself.

Additionaly, I’m building a modular synthesizer based on the MOTM format. You can view some pictures in the Synth DIY section on this website.